ALZ Expeditions


Founder's Story

Just an ordinary guy who was thrust into an extraordinary role by circumstances. Prior to 2017, Alzheimer’s wasn’t a part of Bob’s world until his wife, Karen, received her diagnosis. What followed was a journey of caregiving marked by challenges, resilience, and a profound love.



Revamping Alzheimer’s stories through our voyages, transforming them from isolated battles to collective endeavors of fortitude. Alz Expeditions envisions a realm where every journey restores optimism, emboldens patients and caregivers, and reframes the outlook on Alzheimer’s. With our adventures, we bring hearts together, altering each story into an account of grit and companionship.


Alz Expeditions redefines Alzheimer’s. We journey to national parks, infusing nature’s solace with the resilience of those touched by Alzheimer’s. We shatter stereotypes, ignite hope, and empower patients and caregivers alike. Let’s rewrite every Alzheimer’s story-one expedition, one life at a time.