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Founder's Story

Bob Elz

Just an ordinary guy who was thrust into an extraordinary role by circumstances. Prior to 2017, Alzheimer’s wasn’t a part of Bob’s world until his wife, Karen, received her diagnosis. What followed was a journey of caregiving marked by challenges, resilience, and a profound love.

Without any prior experience in Alzheimer’s, Bob navigated the intricacies of the disease with dedication. The medical community labels Alzheimer’s as a terminal illness, leaving families with little more than the option to provide the best care possible. Karen’s journey compelled Bob to question this status quo.

With Karen’s passing, Bob chose a different path. Instead of simply moving forward, he made a resolute commitment to confront Alzheimer’s head-on. He recognized that the disease’s impact is far-reaching, affecting not just individuals but entire families. The result? A significant shift in his life’s course.

Bob’s dedication is evident in his pursuit to raise $25,000,000 for Alzheimer’s research. This isn’t just about a monetary goal; it’s a reflection of his refusal to accept that nothing more can be done. He’s channeling his grief, energy, and resources into making a tangible change.

But Bob’s quest doesn’t stop there. With an eye toward innovation, he’s embarked on a journey of learning. Pursuing a Masters in Artificial Intelligence, Bob is partnering with esteemed institutions like Stanford and Harvard. His aim? To leverage cutting-edge technology to reexamine the Alzheimer’s challenge. Through AI, he envisions new perspectives and strategies that could potentially reshape how the medical community approaches this complex disease.

In Bob Elz, we find a normal guy, but at the same time a beacon of inspiration. His transformation from an individual unfamiliar with Alzheimer’s to a passionate advocate showcases the power of human determination. Through grief, loss, and personal growth, Bob’s story reminds us that change is possible when ordinary individuals decide to challenge the status quo.

Karen Elz's Story

To know Karen Elz was to know an extraordinary soul. For 37 remarkable years, she was not only my wife but my best friend, sharing an adventure that time cannot dim. Although she may have left this world, her spirit thrives through her indomitable passion for life, leaving an indelible mark on our children – Bo, Zac, and Emily – as well as in my heart.