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The Reason why ALZ Expeditions Exists
Karen Elz

To know Karen Elz was to know an extraordinary soul. For 37 remarkable years, she was not only my wife but my best friend, sharing an adventure that time cannot dim. Although she may have left this world, her spirit thrives through her indomitable passion for life, leaving an indelible mark on our children – Bo, Zac, and Emily – as well as in my heart.

Karen’s impact reverberates beyond our family, echoing through the lives of countless young learners she nurtured over three decades as an elementary teacher. Her devotion to teaching was unparalleled, driven by a belief in the transformative power educators hold over both individual students and entire communities.

Her role as a teacher wasn’t just a profession; it was a calling she embraced with fervor. Across six different elementary schools, Karen’s teaching prowess shone brightly, earning her Teacher of the Year accolades in five of those schools. Even during her sole year at Parkade Elementary in 1987, where the title eluded her, her influence remained steadfast, etching lasting memories in the hearts of all who crossed her path.

In a heartfelt note from Parkade’s principal, Larry Jones, penned on her birthday in 2017, the impact Karen had was crystal clear. Mr. Jones reminisced about her interview, where her passion for teaching radiated, showcasing her deep desire to nurture children and guide them toward their best selves. Her time at Parkade was too brief, but her impact was immeasurable.

Karen’s unwavering dedication to her craft left an enduring impression on Mr. Jones, and that sentiment echoed across generations. Her joy was palpable when she received his note, three decades after their collaboration – a testament to the remarkable person she was.

With Alz Expeditions we hold onto the lessons she taught us: to love fiercely, to believe in the potential of every child, and to make a lasting impact on the world around us. Her legacy lives on in the lives she touched, the minds she shaped, and the hearts she warmed. 


Founder's Story

Just an ordinary guy who was thrust into an extraordinary role by circumstances. Prior to 2017, Alzheimer’s wasn’t a part of Bob’s world until his wife, Karen, received her diagnosis. What followed was a journey of caregiving marked by challenges, resilience, and a profound love.